IP Camera Dashboard


Remotely monitor and control cameras in your house or your office from anywhere! Keep an eye on your children, your goods and your business with this easy to use app.

Right now, only MJPEG cameras are supported, but more will be added soon (MPEG-4, H264).

Main features are :

  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom control (PTZ)
  • digital zoom (pinch to zoom) also for cameras without an optical zoom
  • Move your camera by just clicking on the image over 8 directions
  • Save photos of the current camera
  • Patrol operation (horizontal, vertical)
  • Brightness, contrast control
  • Hi or low resolution to save bandwidth
  • Scrollable Dashboard view, to keep an eye on all your cameras
  • Ability to choose the cameras shown in the Dashboard



Android Audio Profile


Easy and non-invasive manager to create custom profiles, specifying ringtone sound, all volumes, vibration settings, WiFi and Bluetooth state, profile icon and auto-switch timetable.

  • Managed volumes: Incoming call, notifications, alarm, system, music
  • Widget for fast manual switch (long press on home to add)
  • Time based auto switching
  • High-res icons
  • Ringtone selection with audio preview
  • Messages in notification bar.
  • Languages: English (default), Italian, French, Spanish


Download the full version from AppBrain, or get the free version for a preview!


Stretch That Face



With this application you can stretch, shrink and make your friend's face funny.

With zoom, rotate, face detection technology and adjustable morphing area, just choose a picture and you are ready for a funny experience!

Please report any issue to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download the full version from AppBrain, or get the free version for a preview!

Compatible with Android 1.6+ (API level 4)



Android Photo Widget



The icon in the application drawer will only launch a tutorial on how to add a widget.
Long press on home to add and configure the widget on your Homescreen...


Add your favourite photos on your Android phone Home!

Choose a single photo, scan your sdcard or a folder, search google or link to your Picasa albums for contents.
This widget offers 6 different sizes to bring your best pictures on your home, offering several features like recursive scan, borders, option to randomize the order, timed slideshow!

Download the full version from AppBrain, or get the free version for a preview!


JavAjax 1.3.3a released


New update of JavAjax Web Framework!

  • Javascript AjaxCaller object has been modified, now accepts not only onSuccess, onFailure and onComplete handlers, you can specify any handler as described on http://www.prototypejs.org.
  • Solved a bug with ActionResponse, it wasn't working properly in some situation
  • Solved a bug in JSONConverter, it wasn't handling correctly hexadecimal values in the format \uxxxx
  • Some minor modifications.



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